About Me

Amanda Joy (Aj) Schwarz is a former farm-stand cashier, chicken slinger, camp counselor, bus driver, video salesperson, hack philosopher, radio personality, bookseller, government employee, public high school secretary, appointment coordinator, office coordinator, traffic coordinator, account manager, tea seller, display ad executer, digital product manager, in-game marketer, e-coupon enabler and live theater web promoter.

What I’m not is someone who takes herself too seriously. I save “serious” for my work.

I’m a devoted partner to a traveling rollercoaster salesman & mother to two beautiful elementary-school-aged kids. When I say I’m a compulsive warm-beverage drinker it’s just shy of hyperbole. There are three +50,000-word novel drafts in my hard-drive that I’ll be revisiting during this year’s NaNoWriMo.  I obsess over capturing “small things” with my camera – when I’m able to pry it from my son’s hands. Every moment seems to have a theme song in my mind, which is a mixed blessing. You’ll rarely find me without a package of baby wipes and a ceramic travel mug.

Presently focusing on the moment. Specifically this one. Join me.